Wedding Packages

CINEMA      $2750

  • 10 Hour Coverage
  • Highlight Film (8 minutes)
  • Full Ceremony Edit
  • Reception Edit
  • Full Day Film (1-1.5 hours)
  • Instagram Teaser
  • 2 Shooters

PLATINUM      $2250

  • 8 Hour Coverage
  • Highlight Film (6 minutes)
  • Full Ceremony Edit
  • Reception Edit

STANDARD      $1750

  • 6 Hour Coverage
  • Highlight Film (4 minutes)
  • Full Ceremony Edit


  • Ceremony coverage only
  • Full Ceremony Edit
  • 1 Minute Instagram Teaser of the Ceremony


Add Ons:

  • Live Stream to any Package (Free when booked by June 30th, 2020)
  • Additional Coverage ($100/hour)
  • Instagram Teaser ($150)
  • Raw Footage ($150)
  • Full Day Film ($300)
  • Second Shooter to Any Package ($300)

Videos will be delivered in digital and USB copies.

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Why Live Stream?

You may have guests who are not going to be able to attend due to health reasons, travel restrictions, etc. You want all of your loved ones to feel like they are there at your wedding even if they aren’t physically there. Our professional video and audio equipment allows for that experience.

What is a Highlight Film?

This short film shows the best moments of your wedding day. This video is artistically driven by your story and also includes the best audio pieces from vows, speeches, and letter readings.  Watch Highlight Films

What are the Full Ceremony Edits and Reception Edits?

The Full Ceremony Edit is like watching a live video of your ceremony. The video is however long your ceremony is, and it is cut and edited for your best viewing experience. The Reception Edit is essentially the same type of edit for your grand entrance, speeches, and formal dances. For the reception edit you will receive three separate videos of those events. Both the Ceremony Edit and the Reception Edit will be filmed with 2-3 cameras.

What’s included in the Full Length Film?

This documentary style film will cover the entire day in one video! It will show your wedding day in its entire sequence, beginning from bride and groom prep to the last formal dance. 

Is the social media teaser worth it?

The social media teaser is so easy to share, you can even put it on your Facebook/Instagram story! While the highlight film touches on all of the emotions of the day, the teaser is something that can wow you and everyone else in an instant.  And you will receive the teaser no more than a week after the wedding day.

Do I need a second shooter?

A second shooter will allow capturing of both bride and groom prep, and capturing of decorations in the reception hall while one shooter captures the photo shoot in between the ceremony and reception. A second shooter will also increase the production of the videos by providing multiple angles, different framing, resulting in a longer, more cinematic film. 

Do I get to pick my own songs? 

Videographers are lawfully allowed to use licensed songs only, so we are not able to use mainstream songs.  Your wedding film is driven by your own voices recorded from your vows, speeches, etc. to make it more of a personalized story and add more emotion to the film. 

Should I get raw footage?

Raw footage will be provided in an SD card. On average, this includes 150-200GB of footage! To note, you may have difficulty hearing audio, or there may be a few shaky footage since these are not edited.

What is the turn around time for delivery of the videos?

It could depend on the time of the year and whether it’s “wedding season,” 2 to 4 months.

How do I get in touch if I’m interested?

Click on the following link: Booking