Weddings are full of anticipation, emotion, and overwhelming joy and love. A wedding film should elicit the same feeling as you were on the wedding day: The excitement of prepping with your bridesmaids and groomsmen as you count down to the ceremony..holding back tears when you see your spouse down the isle for the first time.. the laughter and smiles you see from your family during the epic reception. It’s not enough to say that a video tells a story: it’s how you can relive those emotions as if you were there again. 

My first ever video (See my YouTube channel here.) came from a solo-trip to Thailand in 2016.  After recording the trip with a GoPro, I edited a travel video which I enjoyed doing as much, if not more, than the trip itself. In late 2017 I filmed my first wedding, for my sister (pictured below), in Kyoto, Japan. From then I was hooked on the process of imagining the possibilities, filming, and editing a story that’s often something better than I imagined.

                                                                                                                               – Mas Mizobuchi