“Mas far exceeded our expectations with his wedding videography services! He spoke with us several times before our wedding to ensure he would capture the most special moments on our big day. On our wedding day, Mas arrived well before he needed to, and stayed later than expected. He worked tirelessly to capture an amazing amount of footage. One thing that impressed us most about Mas was his attention to detail in every aspect of his wedding videography services. He is extremely dialed in to the needs of his clients, is very meticulous about angles, lighting, and quality of video captured, and the finished cut of our wedding video was edited at a level of exceptional professionalism. Can’t recommend Mas enough for your big day! Go with this guy…you certainly will not be disappointed.” – Derek, Groom

“Mas was a great person to work with and we enjoyed our day with him! He took the time to meet with us before our big day to go over details and even provided us with a sneak peak video less than a week after our wedding. Will recommend to anyone!” – Kelley, Bride

“Mas was very thorough and yet easy to work with. It was obvious that he wanted to ensure good quality while capturing the important details we wanted, but he also filmed many things that were pleasant surprises. Mas was professional throughout and delivered a beautifully polished video of the entire day as well as a shorter “remix” video of highlights, special moments, etc. that was artfully put together. It arrived quickly, very chic packaging. We were looking for a video of our wedding and reception, and we got much more than we expected. Thanks Mas! – Nate and Yajie