“We would HIGHLY recommend Mas Media! Mas was completely kind, helpful, and accommodating for our wedding that was greatly impacted by COVID. Mas was so communicative and thoughtful, we are so thankful! He is incredibly talented and definitely an asset to your wedding!” – Taylor, Bride

“Hiring Mas was the best decision we made. My Mom teared up watching the absolutely outstanding video. I couldn’t believe how expertly he captured our day and managed to put it so eloquently into a short video. ” – Dan, Groom

“One thing that impressed us most about Mas was his attention to detail in every aspect of his wedding videography services. He is extremely dialed in to the needs of his clients, is very meticulous about angles, lighting, and quality of video captured, and the finished cut of our wedding video was edited at a level of exceptional professionalism. Can’t recommend Mas enough for your big day! Go with this guy…you certainly will not be disappointed.” – Derek, Groom

“Mas was a great person to work with and we enjoyed our day with him! He took the time to meet with us before our big day to go over details and even provided us with a sneak peak video less than a week after our wedding. Will recommend to anyone!” – Kelley, Bride